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Everyday video conferencing solutions are not designed to produce studio quality podcast recording

Zoom and Skype recording quality vary wildly from call to call, minute to minute. This is by design, to accommodate network congestion, bandwidth and connection quality. But podcasts and vodcasts demand a level of quality that is much higher than your everyday conference calls.

You only get one shot at recording a top notch interview

Don’t risk your coveted interviews becoming substandard with a recording solution that relies on network quality. Fluctuations in network conditions can potentially result in garbled sounds and pixelated videos. Technical issues can be many - jitter, latency, packet loss, fluctuating bandwidth etc.

Your guests should not carry the burden of having to record themselves

Asking your guest to shoulder additional responsibility to record, is asking for trouble. You should be able to put them at ease and allow them to focus their attention on your interview.

Your audience expects high quality audio & video, every session

Creating quality recording is the hallmark of every podcast and vodcast. Don’t let subpar recordings determine the fate of your podcast success.

Meet Boomcaster.

Podcast and Vodcast in Studio Quality. Livestream to Social Media On Demand.

Boomcaster records high definition audio and video directly from the mic and camera for each of the participant while allowing you to livestream at the same time.

With Boomcaster, you and your guest can stop worrying about network quality

Boomcaster does not rely on network quality for recording your interview. Your network might glitch but your recording won't. During the session, recordings of the interview are securely uploaded to your private cloud studio.

Boomcaster always records in studio quality

Your interviews are high value creative assets that your audience will engage with. Boomcaster ensures they meet the professional standards your audience wants.

Grow your audience through vodcasting and livestreaming

Create high resolution videos for video sharing platforms. Stream your interviews live to social platforms. Even when you are live, Boomcaster will record pristine HD audio and video for post-production.

Our Overloaded Features

Private studio in the cloud

Record your interviews in your private cloud studio. Keep your podcasts and vodcasts organized by date and guest names.

Use vodcasting to grow and engage your audience

Video is the #1 form of media used in content strategy. Engage your audience on video sharing sites.

Nothing to download or install

Boomcaster is built with user experience in mind. You and your guests will be able to focus on interview content rather than worrying about network quality.

Livestream to social media sites

Boomcaster is integrated with Facebook and YouTube. Make yourself accessible to your audience. Grow your podcast community.

Make Boomcaster your own

Customize Boomcaster session with your podcast logo and color palette. We want you to promote your brand, not ours.

Set a benchmark for quality

Never compromise on the production quality of your content. Don't let your listeners walk away because of poor quality audio or video.

Simple, Easy and Reliable

Create beautiful interviews that your listeners want

Create profile

Create and customize your profile with your logo.

Schedule session

When you schedule a session, a custom invitation is sent to the guest with instructions.

Join session

You and your guest join the session through the browser. Hit record and enjoy the show.


Pay a fixed platform fee. Transparent pricing for extra
recording time and storage.

Studio Quality

Crystal clear audio and video. Livestream to social media at the same time.

Double Ender

Record media locally from each of the participant. Your bandwidth has zero impact on the media quality.

Double Recording

Every session is simultaneously recorded locally and through video conferencing. Two recordings for every session. Never lose an interview ever.

Pay As You Grow

One simple plan. Transparent pricing for extra recording time. No need to commit to minutes you don't need.

12 months for the price of 10 when you pay yearly.
All prices in USD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

  • Ability to podcast, videocast and livestream while recording separate high quality tracks for each participant for post-production.

  • Zoom and Skype recording quality is limited by network bandwidth. Boomcaster records separate streams for each participant locally and uploads to the cloud. Boomcaster also provides a Zoom/Skype like recording as a backup.

  • Internet based audio and video conferencing software modulates the quality of the recording based on network quality. Boomcaster local recording is a direct high fidelity feed from your preferred mic and camera at each of the participant’s computer. Boomcaster also makes an internet recording available.

  • Boomcaster records audio at 48 kHz sample rate and 16-bit depth. Video is recorded in mp4 format upto 4k resolution.

  • Click on the link to join the session. Guests will be prompted to allow camera and mic, but no login or password.

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