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How to Livestream Your Podcast

Are you looking to expand your podcast’s reach? 

It’s time to start live streaming. 

Live streaming your podcast is a great way to give yourself an advantage over other shows in your niche. It’s a great way to give people a sense of community and build loyalty. It builds trust, which leads to better relationships. And if done correctly, it can be a huge source of revenue for your podcast. 

But how do you live stream your show? What tools should you use, and what strategies should you implement?

5 Powerful Reasons to Start a Video Podcast in 2022

The world of podcasting has changed.

Strike that.

The world of online media has changed – and it is shifting (in a significant way) toward video.

People are watching more videos, more often than ever before. Video content is truly the king of entertainment on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even their wall-mounted televisions.


How to find and interview a great guest for your show

For podcast listeners, a great guest can make or break a show. Choose the wrong guest for the inappropriate topic? You’ll likely lose listeners. But selecting the perfect company to explore your niche can elevate your show and help you attract new listeners.

Starting an independent podcast is an incredible way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. From the very broad to the hyper-specific, podcasting is an opportunity to talk about the things you love to an engaged audience. But as with any good show – no matter the medium – having the right guests is key to success.

We’ll explore how to find and interview great guests for your podcast in this post.

8 Ways to Promote Your Independent Podcast

Running an independent podcast isn’t easy. You have to be your own producer, editor, marketer, and webmaster. It’s a full-time job and then some. As a one (or two) person show, you’re building a brand from the ground up.

As a start-up, you need to bootstrap your promotion, which means getting creative.

Why podcasting is the best investment for your marketing team

Are you thinking about starting a podcast for your brand? Now is the time. 

Podcasts are great for marketing teams because they can target the customers you want most. Your team can create content calendars, invite guests, and generate topics that speak to the pain points of your target customers.

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Podcast in 2022

Unlike other forms of entertainment media, the podcasting realm maintains a low barrier of entry. Anyone – with adequate equipment and an interesting-enough topic – can produce content and launch a show. There are podcast shows on every topic, from finance to psychology, business strategies to just about any “ology.”

But starting a podcast is not easy, and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. With the right tools and the right knowledge, however, it is possible to find space for your voice. Below are five things you need to know before starting your own podcast.

Building B2B Brand Awareness with Podcasts

Podcasting has been around for years.

In fact, the first time the format appeared was way back in 2004. That makes it – as far as technology is concerned – ancient.

But it’s only in the last few years that podcasts have become somewhat ubiquitous.