Built for Professionals, Easy Enough for Beginners

Being a professional doesn’t always have to be complicated.

Our podcast platform is meticulously crafted to perfectly balance user-friendliness and advanced functionality, catering to novice and seasoned podcasters alike.

With an array of intuitive features and tools, we empower podcasters to effortlessly create, manage, and share their content while providing the flexibility to customize their podcasting experience.

Experience the best of both worlds with our platform – combining simplicity and sophistication to elevate your podcasting journey.

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Features that Go Boom

Studio-Quality Audio & Video

Capture stunning audio and video that keeps audiences engaged.

Custom Studio Settings

Create a unique look and feel with your own custom studio.

Producer Mode Controls

Seamlessly manage multiple recordings and guests from one control panel.

Live Multi-streaming

Boost reach by treaming your podcast to YouTube, Facebook, & LinkedIn.

Automatic Transcription

Generate accurate transcriptions in multiple languages to give your audience options.

Real-time Captioning

Give your viewers accessibility with live captioning of your podcast.

Crystal-Clear Interviews,
Wherever You Are

Let’s face it, meeting apps and call recorders kind of suck for podcasting.

Our Remote Sessions feature allows you to easily record high-quality interviews with guests or co-hosts from anywhere in the world.

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Double-Ender Recording

With our Double-Ender Recording feature captures each participant’s local audio, ensuring studio-quality sound and video for your podcast.

No Downloads & No Installation

Boomcaster is entirely browser-based, meaning no more wasting time setting up or updating applications – just log into your session and start recording.

Pay As You Grow Pricing

Our simple pricing structure allows you to upgrade as you grow, ensuring you always have the right plan to meet your podcasting needs.

Create Stunning Episodes in Real-Time

LiveFrame with Boomcaster

Spotlight speakers in real-time with just a click of your mouse or trackpad.

Make compositional decisions during recording and eliminate post-production edits- all while maintaining the highest quality.

LiveEdit with Boomcaster

Our platform lets you edit your podcast episodes live, giving you complete control over your content as you record.

Insert music bedding, display graphics or video clips, and elevate the sound, look, and feel of your podcast on the fly. Your edited episode is automatically generated and ready to share when you finish recording.

Boomcaster is Built for Creators

What Our Users Say

“Boomcaster is excellent - been using it for two years now, having tried most of the rest, and for me it's been the most reliable. Only ever had one issue (due to guest having horrendous internet), but the Boomcaster team got it sorted within 30 minutes. Great features, simple pricing, built for creators.”

“Recording remote guests is the hardest part of my job as a podcast producer and audio engineer. Using Boomcaster not only makes it easier for me and my guests with the thoughtful user interface design, but it’s also the most reliable of all the video recording platforms I’ve used with my clients over the years.”

Do More with Boomcaster

Easy Vodcasting

Capture video for YouTube, social promotion, or publish on your website to drive more traffic. Explore our robust video platform.

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Seamless Livestreaming

Amplify your reach by streaming live to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Explore our multi-stream platform.

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