Multi-stream to Your Favorite Platforms

Link your YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to Boomcaster and simultaneously stream your podcast to multiple platforms.

This maximizes your reach and allows for a wider audience to discover and tune in to your content.

With just one click, you can easily broadcast across different channels and connect with more listeners.

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Audio & Video

With Boomcaster, you don’t have to worry about compromising on audio or video quality. Our platform uses advanced technology to ensure that your live stream is crisp and clear, providing a professional level of production for your podcast. This makes for a more enjoyable experience for both you and your audience.

Add Media for a Better Experience

Take your live stream to the next level by incorporating media such as videos, images, and slideshows. This adds a visual component to your podcast and helps keep your audience engaged throughout the entire session. With Boomcaster’s easy-to-use interface, you can seamlessly add media to enhance your content and make it more dynamic.

Automatic Export
and Rendering

When you’re finished, we’ll send you a fully rendered, high-quality video file of your live stream. This makes it easy for you to repurpose your content and share it on different platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. You can also use the video as a promotional tool to attract new listeners and grow your audience.

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Easy Vodcasting

Capture video for YouTube, social promotion, or publish on your website to drive more traffic. Explore our robust video platform.

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Simple Podcasting

Capture your audio podcasts with ease our easy-to-use cloud-based recording platform. No downloads, no fuss. Just clear audio for your listeners.

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With multi-streaming options and the ability to incorporate media, Boomcaster truly elevates your live-streaming experience. Join us now and see the impact it can make on your podcast community.