5 Powerful Reasons to Start a Video Podcast in 2022

The world of podcasting has changed.

Strike that.

The world of online media has changed – and it is shifting (in a significant way) toward video.

People are watching more videos, more often than ever before. Video content is truly the king of entertainment on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even their wall-mounted televisions.

In fact, consumers spend an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes watching videos online per week. This incredible consumption rate means that there’s a new opportunity for podcasters – both new and seasoned.

Major social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok embrace, support, and champion video with unparalleled enthusiasm. If you aren’t already, now is the time to start recording audio and video for your podcasts.

This article will discuss five powerful reasons why you should start a video podcast in 2022.

Why Video Works for Everyone

Before we jump into the specifics of why you should start video podcasting, let’s take a moment to look at the big picture and dispel some rumors.

Yes, video works for every niche. Yes, video can make an impact no matter your audience.

So before you think, “oh, that’s not for me,” let’s look at some stats to back this up!

About 70% of this age group also watch videos on YouTube. If you are creating a podcast in 2022 and want to maximize your reach, you need to incorporate video.

There’s a tremendous supply problem for your audience. Your listeners seek out videos on YouTube and other platforms, yet their favorite podcasts are not delivering. You can be the exception and capitalize on early entry to the market.

5 Reasons to Start Video Podcasting

  1. Promotion

Want to know what the number one most engaging format is on social media? It’s video.

Noticing a trend yet?

If you are trying to promote a podcast in 2022, there’s no doubt you plan to leverage social media. Recording video along with your audio gives you a library of ready-made content to share and spread the word.

You can take snippets from an upcoming episode to tease a guest or juicy topic. You can create highlight reels and “best of” moments or group them in topic clusters. For instance, if you’re focused on self-help, take several guests’ answers on “how to stay focused when working remotely” and mash them up into a quick 60-second video for Instagram.

Having the ability to repurpose your already-made content for promotion will help you reach more people – faster.

  1. Connection

People connect with faces.

A video is a powerful tool for getting more subscribers because it creates deeper connections with your audience. The human brain is wired for faces.

Sure, we can build connections with a host’s voice or their unique vocal cadence. Over time, with enough solid and valuable content, you can nurture that relationship to create raving fandom.

But having a face to go along with a voice is like having a relationship-building cheat code. Since podcasts are all about building connections, having a quick way to achieve that is essential. Pretty soon, they’ll be telling all their friends (and their friends…and their friends) about your show.

  1. SEO

We know what you’re thinking, “I’m a podcaster; I don’t need to think about SEO.”

But if you’re looking to grow your audience, you can’t ignore the power of search engines.

Much has been written on the significant benefits on SEO when it comes to video, so we won’t belabor the point. However, suppose your show solves a problem or answers essential questions for your niche audience. In that case, your potential listeners are probably searching Google right now.

Now, imagine your video, from your latest and greatest episode comes up in those results. They get their answer, see your face, and you instantly establish a connection. You can turn total strangers into subscribers with just a little work upfront.

  1. Cross-promotion

When you create a podcast with video, it can be easier to invite top guests.

For one, you look really cool. We’re joking – kind of.

But really, if you’re looking to impress and land high-profile guests, recording video is a critical first step. It gives your production instant credibility and cachet.

Second, it’s an opportunity for more exposure for everyone involved. When you record and share your episode in video format, these high-profile guests can use it in their own promotional content. Enticing your would-be guests with unique post-show content that can be shared with their audience is a great selling point.

Plus, you’ll get in front of their networks and attract more listeners than ever before. Everyone wins.

  1. High ROI

It’s essential to think of your podcast as a brand.

We know. It’s not why you’re here. You’re not here to build a brand… you’re here to podcast! But if you think about your show as a brand – no matter how early you are in planning – you can make significant gains quickly.

And for brands, one of the most effective content marketing strategies has proven to be video. In fact, 93% of businesses gain new customers from branded video content. So if you look at your subscribers as customers, then each show you produce and each piece of content you distribute is a lead generation tool.

When you post a snippet to social, or an episode to YouTube, you create an entry point to your customer journey. Video is the best way to move strangers through your funnel and land new subscribers.

Appealing to Everyone in Your Niche

We get it. Your show isn’t for everyone.

But no matter how small your niche, they probably aren’t all listening to podcasts. Giving your potential subscribers a different format to experience your show will help you build a larger following.

People don’t always have enough time for an entire episode. So making your content available in bite-sized chunks or more easily consumable lengths will help increase your numbers.

Our attention spans are shorter than ever before. We’ve already shifted away from written text. Only 20% of people will read long-form text, while 80% will watch a video. As a podcaster, you need to adapt to the needs of your audience – even if it means investing a little more time into your production.

Technology Makes it Easy.

Video production sounds scary.

Creating video at scale sounds even worse.

But with the right technology and the proper collection of best practices and tools, you can quickly produce high-quality episodes for your audience.

When planning your video podcasting solution, it’s essential to look for an all-in-one platform. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have Joe Rogan or NPR-type budgets. We don’t have teams of A/V pros behind the scenes, working and tinkering with dials, knobs, and cables.

Find a platform that records both audio and video simultaneously. It will help cut down on what can be a complex endeavor. With a little planning upfront, you’ll be able to create an incredible video podcast that’s sure to delight your entire audience – no matter the platform they’re on.