Why Podcasting is the Best Investment for Your Marketing Team

Are you thinking about starting a podcast for your brand? Now is the time. 

Podcasts are great for marketing teams because they can target the customers you want most. Your team can create content calendars, invite guests, and generate topics that speak to the pain points of your target customers.

Plus, with on-demand access, you’ll create evergreen content that helps with SEO and generates leads for years. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a podcast can help your team develop results and reach your marketing goals.

Reasons to Start a Podcast for Your Brand

The numbers surrounding podcast listenership are staggering. As of 2021, over 32% of Americans listened to podcasts regularly. Millions of consumers are avid listeners, which opens your brand to a massive audience of potential new leads.

Podcasts are popular with listeners because of their versatility. People listen on their commute, at the gym, or walking around a park. Others prefer to listen at home. 90% of listeners prefer consuming their favorite podcasts on the couch or around the house. With more people working from home than ever before, your potential audience will only increase over time.  

Reason #1: Increased Engagement

Generate more engagement for your brand with a podcast.

Creating a podcast will give you a wealth of content to pull from for social media. You can quickly fill your content calendar with snippets, recaps, and highlights from episodes. Pull thought-provoking statements from guests stories from your hosts, or highlight relevant answers to your customers’ toughest challenges.

Consistency is vital on social, and you can elevate your engagement rate quickly with more content to post.

Reason #2: Increased Brand Awareness

Podcasts are on-demand media, which means listeners can tune in whenever it’s convenient for them. This 24/7 availability offers the opportunity to reach more people than other media formats.

According to studies, podcasting can give your brand a 24% to 79% lift in awareness.

Also, podcasts have significant SEO value for your domains. Google indexes episodes. Having a library of content will help your overall rankings and move you to the top of SERP.

Reason #3: Increased Sales

By providing valuable content for your target customers, you are creating trust.

A podcast establishes your brand as a thought leader in your niche. Your audience will know whom to turn to when they need a service, solution, or product in your industry.

Plus, they’ll feel comfortable doing business with you. As long as you offer value in your podcast, you won’t have to work nearly as hard to close a deal.

Reason #4: Lower Cost

Your team can go from concept to finished episode in a couple of days. Other formats like video production and written articles can take weeks or even months to develop and finish. A podcast offers your team a quick way to present ideas to your target audience. 

With the right platform and a few pieces of equipment, podcasts are accessible and affordable to produce.

Reason #5: More Personal

A podcast allows your brand to show a different side than traditional marketing tactics.

You can create a personal connection with your audience through storytelling and conversations. Rather than a blog article, social post, or ad, a podcast is a more immersive way to engage with your customers.

When you create valuable content, your listeners will feel like they know you. 

Personal connection increases the likelihood that they’ll become a loyal customer.

Reason #6: Easy Set-Up

All you need is a topic, a microphone, and a computer.

Most marketing teams already have these on hand. Unlike other media formats, podcasts don’t require significant investments in equipment (we’re looking at you, video production budget!) or expert knowledge.

Reason #7: Increase Customer Loyalty

Your team will create high-quality, on-demand content your customers want.

Try sourcing questions on your social channels, answering FAQs from your customer support team, or searching Quora or Reddit for issues in your niche. This preparation will help you create ultra-valuable content for your listeners. The audience will feel like they are heard – and you’ll prove that you are a resource for years to come.

Reason #8: Create Industry Connections

An often overlooked aspect of podcasting is the relationships you build with guests.

If you choose a show format that includes interviews with industry experts, it’s an excellent opportunity to establish lasting relationships with other thought leaders. You can even invite your high-profile ideal buyers to the show. Get strategic with how you utilize your guest spots.

Reason #9: Long-Form Content Made Easy

Podcasts are the perfect medium for long-form content.

Unlike social posts and blog articles, podcasts give you plenty of time to develop your ideas. With podcasting, marketing teams can create in-depth stories that convey their brand’s value proposition over several episodes.

You can even re-purpose your podcasts into blog posts or videos later. For the latter, finding a platform that records both audio and video simultaneously can supercharge your content production. You can create an audio episode for podcast listeners and a valuable video for your website, social channels, or YouTube with one session.

Getting Started with a Podcast

If you are ready to start podcasting for your business, you need to consider a couple of things.

1 – What is the format of your show?

Interview, storytelling, documentary-style; get creative with how you frame your episodes.

2 – Who will be the host?

Choosing someone enthusiastic, creative, and knowledgeable in your industry will help you establish authority in your field.

3 – What equipment do you need?

Investing in a high-quality microphone and choosing a platform is critical. After that, it’s less about the bells and whistles and more about what works best for your team.

Reach Your Goals with Podcasting

The benefits of podcasting for your brand are endless.

But most importantly, with marketing teams creating their shows, they can engage more directly with their customers.

Podcasts are an excellent way for marketing teams to share important industry insights and facilitate conversations about the essential topics for your business growth.

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